Hostel Life Essay in English

Hostel Life Essay in English

Hostel Life Essay in English :- It is the duty of every student to study effectively. As a result, many students move from their homes to small towns or big cities to study. They generally live in hostels. The optimal setting for the students is provided by the hostels. There are both big and small hostels here. Often, several students share a hostel.

Each student’s dorm room usually has a bed, a desk, a chair, a table lamp, and a wardrobe. The price of a room is fixed. It depends on the facilities offered. Hostels also provide food. Time is fixed for them. The food is simple and wholesome. A Hostel Superintendent is in charge of running the hostel. He ensures that all the rules are scrupulously followed by the boarders. If a student violates the rules, it is enforced.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of staying in a hostel. Students learn to behave appropriately. They learn to work together and rely on themselves. They get all the facilities and a conducive learning environment. On the other hand, he misses the love and attention of his family. They have to follow the hostel guidelines closely. Some college students make unwise choices that harm their lives. Because of this they should handle it. They must realize that now is the right time to plan for the future.

Apart from all this, hostel life also has its own beauty. Students are given the option to choose. They develop social and adult traits. They gain the ability to share. I believe that staying in hostel should be enjoyable for all the students. They should use this opportunity wisely. It provides a great opportunity to grow into a better human being.


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