Independence Day In My School Essay In English

Independence Day In My School Essay In English

Independence Day In My School Essay In English :- India got independence on 15 August 1947 after several hundred years of slavery. This freedom was achieved after a long struggle. Countless invaluable lives were lost in this struggle. Every year, people across the country celebrate this day. On this day we honor all the freedom fighters.

Independence Day was celebrated in all the schools. Every year this day is also celebrated in my school. A unique performance has been planned on this day. Most of the students participate in it. We want this show to settle in the minds of the people. We practiced it a lot. With the help of our professors, we design each program ourselves.

On the occasion of Independence Day, all the children reached the school at 8:30 am. They go in white uniforms. The assembly stage is decorated with tricoloured balloons and flowers.  We gather at the assembly ground at 9 a.m. Our Principal Sir hoists the national flag.  Our national anthem is sung. The principal gave an inspiring speech on this occasion. Most of the patriots and freedom fighters are honoured. His contribution is talked about.

There will be a test based on the information about our freedom struggle. Fancy dress competition is also organized. Winners get prizes. The students gave a short cultural presentation. Drama, national anthem and traditional dance are all part of it. In the end all the students got sweets. The show went on till noon. Then we return to our respective homes.

This day reminds us that we won our independence with a great difficulty. Therefore, it is our duty to protect and uphold this freedom. We should respect our country. We should have a sense of unity. We should make every possible effort to further the development, wealth and growth of our nation.


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