My First Day In A New School Essay In English

My First Day In A New School Essay In English

My First Day In A New School Essay In English :- Whenever one visits a foreign place or interacts with a stranger, there are many questions in his mind about him. Similarly, when we take admission in a new school, there are many types of curiosities and doubts in our mind. We are feeling very uncomfortable. We are thrilled to learn more about our new classmates and professors. I can still clearly remember my first day at my new school. I was in ninth grade. I was transferring from junior high to senior high school.

I was in for a surprise when I walked through the gates of my new school. Its campus was huge. The structure of the school was surprising. I located my class and entered. All the seats were full. When I saw that the last bench was empty, I sat down. My whole class was looking at me strangely because they were all looking at me. After a while, we gathered in the school yard for morning assembly. He offered mass prayer there. Later, while talking to the new kids, the principal stresses the value of discipline.

In the first period our class instructor came. He welcomed me to the whole class. They inquired about my previous academic setting and performance. The first four periods passed like this. Some of my classmates stopped by to chat with me. We left during the break. By that time, I had established some friendships. I also fed them my lunch. They took me to the school’s science lab, the indoor stadium and the library. He also discussed with me about many other teachers of the school.

I wrote them down for later. He promised to help me complete my course. Some mischievous students tried to create trouble with me. It was also a positive experience. We had a lot of fun together. All my classmates were friendly. I had a great time on my first day at my new school. Even now, I sometimes remember that day.


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