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NIMI Mock Test

NIMI Mock Test are sample tests for the online practice of the exam. This helps the students to plan the exam strategy. If you consider NIMI Mock Test a real test, you will also score well in the NCVT (NIMI) exam

Electrician NIMI Mock Test​

Fitter NIMI Mock Test

Welder NIMI Mock Test

Welder NIMI Mock Test

Welder NIMI Mock Test


Welder NIMI Mock Test

Carpenter NIMI Mock Test

Plumber NIMI Mock Test

Plumber NIMI Mock Test

Electrician Mock Test

Electrician 2nd year Mock Test

engineering drawing Mock Test

Fitter Mock Test

Fitter 2nd year Mock Test

Employability Skills Mock Test

Electrician 2nd year Mock Test

Welder Mock Test

Workshop Calculation & Science Mock Test


  1. mock test makes you perfect in exam”

Mock tests make you perfect in the exam” By giving mock tests you get a lot of knowledge about the exam. When you give mock tests, you avoid the mistakes that can cost you dearly in the final exam.

2. Time Management

One of the reasons why mock tests are important is that they help you manage time.

You can manage your time by giving mock tests. After solving a lot of mock tests, you will get an idea of how much time it takes for which question.

You can practice with nimi mock tests to complete the paper in the stipulated time. It helps you a lot to improve accuracy and speed.

3. Better understanding of Nimi Test:

mock test undoubtedly helps in improving the comprehension of the exam. While taking mock tests, a candidate who has studied for the exam can quickly identify important ideas, inquiries or teachings. Candidates can continue to improve in the areas they need. So, everyone who wants to increase their performance and have a better understanding of the exams must definitely take the practice test.

  1. Helps in Anxiety Management:

A few days before the actual exam day, many students feel nervous. They believe that they are not ready for the exam or they will not be able to give it their all. However, appearing and performing well in mock exams naturally makes people feel better. Applicants experience less worry and anxiety. They often put more emphasis on planning ahead rather than worrying about the consequences etc. To perform well in the exam, students must be psychologically prepared and calm.

5. Mock exams help in monitoring the progress.

Appearing for mock exams helps a candidate to monitor their progress. For example, if a person takes a nimi mock test, and finds some questions challenging, they may put in a lot of effort to learn more about the idea. And when they take the subsequent practice test they will be able to tell exactly whether they have improved or not.  Taking nimi mock tests is the easiest way to monitor your rogress and make corrections as needed.

Yes, questions are available in both Hindi and English language.

If you attempt an online free mock test at TEACHCENTER.IN, you have the facility to ‘re-attempt’ the test as many times as you want

Yes nimi mock test can be attempted on laptop/pc

Yes, all the mock tests are available free of cost in English and Hindi language.

Yes there will be performance analysis for each and every mock test you attempt.