The Importance Of Examinations Essay In English

The Importance Of Examinations Essay In English :- Exams as a concept have a long history. We are subject to tests in practically every aspect of life. Exams might be written or oral. We show up for our schools’ and colleges’ exams. We also show up for the exams in an effort to land decent employment. The complexity of the exams likewise increases as we move up the grades. Exams are thought to be a method of evaluating one’s knowledge and expertise.

There are two categories of examination-related thoughts. Exams, according to some, are the most effective way to gauge pupils’ knowledge. Exam results reflect how much a student has learned and how many efforts he has put out. It also demonstrates whether the instructor was successful in imparting knowledge. Exams encourage friendly competition among pupils. To get good grades, they put forth a lot of effort. Exams assist students in organizing their course curriculum.

But other individuals think that the best way to judge someone’s talent is not through an exam. They exert negative mental pressure on the students. Some students cheat on exams to increase their exam scores. It causes injustice while utilizing true talents. Some parents put a lot of pressure on their kids to do well in school. As a result, a few of individuals who perform poorly on exams occasionally make poor decisions. Some people flee their homes. Some of them also kill themselves.

Both of these opinions are partially true. Exams should be positively viewed. They ought to assess knowledge. However, they shouldn’t be the only tool used to evaluate talent. Each learner is unique from the rest. Therefore, it is important to consider each person’s unique interests and skills. Students shouldn’t be subjected to needless pressure from their parents or professors. Exams can promote successful learning if they are structured fairly.


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